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What Is the Right Commercial Embroidery Machine for Home Business?

Choosing the right commercial embroidery machine for your home business involves considering machine type (multi-needle vs. flatbed), focusing on essential features over extras, aligning attachments with your market, and selecting a trusted brand. Important factors include reliability, quality, innovation, customer support, warranty, and training resources to ensure your business’s growth and success in embroidery.

Exploring Puff Embroidery: Is It the Right Fit for Your Business? 

Seeking a distinctive method to personalize clothing and accessories? Consider puff embroidery products. Embroidered designs can infuse personality and style into otherwise plain products.  Puff embroidery will bring your apparel and accessories an extra layer of sophistication. Determining whether puff embroidery is right for your business depends on several factors. Evaluating Puff Embroidery for Your […]

Embroidery Prices | How to Price Embroidery / Monogramming

Starting a business is tough and there are so many things you need to do before, during and after opening your doors. One of the most important moments in any new embroidery company’s life cycle happens when they decide what his or her goals should be as it will help them reach those larger aspirations with less difficulty!
One way that I have found success for my own small businesses was by breaking down each step into smaller milestones which made sure we were taking action towards our goal every day instead waiting until everything came together at once right off-the bat like magic (which doesn’t happen). This allowed us time along both journeys: 1) To see progress 2 )Feel confident about wherewe

Custom Face Masks | Embroidery Business Ideas

Custom embroidered face masks can retail for $15 each and cost under $2.00 to make! Custom face masks are a quick and easy way to make put some life back into your embroidery business. Not only are companies making face masks mandatory, many local governments are putting masks ordinances in place. This has led to […]

Copyrights and Trademarks in the Custom T-Shirt Business

So when you go to your own attorney, you have heard some of the words before and you understand what you’re getting into. We’re also teaching a few common sense tips to help you understand when you need to check with an attorney. Full disclosure, I am not a patent attorney. That is a whole […]

Embroidery Machine Financing at 0%

When 0% Works and When it Doesn’t Embroidery machine financing is just like financing any commercial equipment. Your payment depends on 3 things: THE PRICE OF THE EQUIPMENT YOU FINANCE THE TERM OF THE LEASE YOUR CREDIT And 0% doesn’t change any of that. It’s pretty simple math. If you finance an embroidery machine that […]

35 Embroidery Business Ideas

Brainstorming ways to make money with your commercial embroidery machine. ColDesi has sold thousands of embroidery machines to entrepreneurs launching new businesses or expanding existing ones. It seems that everyone interested in starting in the custom apparel world has at least one great idea, and sometimes more, but they also ALWAYS ask what else they can […]

Best Value For Start-Ups

Commercial Embroidery Machine for StartUps What makes the Avancé the Best Value for StartUps? ColDesi has over 24 years of experience in helping entrepreneurs start new embroidery businesses, both home based and retail oriented stores. Our employees, including professional account managers and the best support technicians in the business have more than 500 years of […]