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Boost Your Profits with
the Stitch-N-Print Bundle

You can Create Embroidery & Custom T-Shirts for One Low Price

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Congrats!   You’ve decided to launch your own custom apparel business…

Now it’s time to decide what combination of equipment fits your needs best. Of course, embroidered polos, dress shirts, and sports hats are a must. They will be your profit powerhouses.

And maybe you’re reading this because you’ve learned that the Avancé single-head embroidery machine is a rock-solid investment and has the entire ColDesi group (largest in the industry) backing it up.

All True…

Of course, embroidery/monogramming machines have been turning out great looking personalized clothing since the beginning of the century. So, as the technology has improved over the years, the speed, details, and complexity of monogram machine designs have become amazing.

If you are looking to invest your start-up dollars into a proven longstanding industry with virtually unlimited upside, then look no further than the Stitch-N-Print Bundle we’ve put together for you.

Take a look at the types of new business owners that are making an extra income by selling monogramming. Then, when you are ready, reach out to one of our start-up business specialists by phone or by chat today.

Monogram Machine - Avance 1501C Monogramming a Polo shirt
“But our primary goal here isn’t to get you excited
– It’s to help you succeed.”
That’s exactly why we came up with the Stitch-N-Print Bundle.

For one low price per month, with Stitch-N-Print, you’ll have the tools to create nearly any look you want in custom apparel.

  • No having to rely on subcontractors for your printing needs.
  • No stressing when someone else doesn’t do their part correctly.
  • No losing jobs because the person they bought their t-shirts from knows someone who does embroidery.

Stitch-N-Print is the Best of Both

Our Stitch-N-Print bundle is a combination of the two most successful custom t-shirt decorating methods; Embroidery AND Custom T-Shirts.

By combining two lucrative business opportunities into one reasonable payment, you give yourself more opportunity up front to cover your costs.

#1 Start with the Avancé Embroidery Machine

The first part of the bundle is a high-quality embroidery machine, the Avancé 1501C, loaded with standard features and options.

Embroidery is a Long-Standing Premium Market. There are millions of businesses that have used, and continue to buy embroidered corporate identity items.

It commands huge profit margins. Embroidery is the first and longest lasting, most consistent decorating methods available.

Tried and True, once you tell others you have an embroidery machine, the work will begin to push itself to you.

The Avancé professional embroidery machine is perfect for creating all sorts of professional-looking custom logo wear.

You can make embroidered caps, personalized apparel, baby clothing, bags, sashes, bridal accessories and everything else that inspired you to take your embroidery business plan and turn it into reality.

More About the Avancé Options

The Avancé 1501C is designed to give you that combination of price, features, and reliability that makes it easy to get into the commercial embroidery business.

Avancé comes with everything you need to succeed, including digitizing software from Sierra, a great selection of hoops and accessories a five-year warranty and the best training in the industry.

The machine is fast. You can lay down up to 1200 stitches per minute. That means you can produce the maximum amount of goods in the minimum amount of time.

The machine is Rock Solid, created from the highest quality metal or ceramic parts.

In fact, before you get your stitch-n-print embroidery machine it has already created over 300,000 stitches. We’ve tested it here in our offices in Tampa.

That’s how we can offer a FIVE YEAR warranty with confidence!

The 1501C can embroider flats and caps right out of the box. It even comes with over 4,000 designs to get you started.

#2 Add the Digital Heat FX® T-Shirt System

T-Shirt Printing is Popular and Expanding. It’s the other side of the custom apparel spectrum for a significant return on investment.

Think about how many printed t-shirts you see in your everyday life. You’ll soon have an idea of how big the market is. Adding custom t-shirts with the stitch-n-print bundle will boost your profits and helps your embroidery business plan pay you back faster.

That’s why the second part of Stitch-N-Print is the Digital Heat FX custom t-shirt transfer & personalized printing system.

While embroidered Polo shirts and uniforms are the bread and butter of corporate apparel, custom printed t-shirts are what catches the consumer’s eye.

Custom t-shirts are what fits the bill for hundreds of applications including:

  • Charity Runner T-Shirts
  • Family Reunions
  • Sports Fanwear
  • School Spirit T-Shirts
  • School Uniform Polos
  • Medical Outfits & Uniforms
  • Lawn & Fertilizer Companies
  • Police and Fire Departments
  • Motorcycle Clubs
  • Jackets and Jerseys

You’ve more than doubled your order WITHOUT having to find a new customer!

Take the next step in starting a business with Stitch n Print. Chat below, call 877-793-3278 or visit our contact page now.

Are Fears Holding You Back?

There are a few common reasons people hesitate to get moving on their embroidery business plan. Here are some of the concerns we often hear.

“I won’t be able to learn how to use the equipment.”

– We provide free training programs for all of our machines, and you can take refresher training anytime.  Unlimited!

“I don’t know if I can get approved.”

– Custom t-shirt printers and embroidery equipment are VERY affordable compared to most small business startups and there are financing/leasing companies that work specifically to finance the Stitch-N-Print Bundle.

“I’m afraid that I just won’t be able to sell enough.

– Selling Enough is one of the most common worries about starting a new business.

However, by investing in two machines, you double your output without having to increase your labor. It’s a win/win!

Double Your Market Size

There are no delays here, no dipping your toe in the water with this bundle, starting out with both machines gives you twice the ability to succeed quickly.

In fact, as soon as most people start telling their friends and family the orders come in before the machine arrives.

Our Sales Consultants help you every step of the way!

Why Purchase Both?

So how does the Stitch N Print system make it much easier to earn more money in your new business?

It turns out that nearly every customer you will run into is already ordering other products with their logo on it as well.

By handling BOTH embroidery and T-shirt orders, you keep customers from having to go elsewhere (to your competitor)

You put the same amount of work into finding and convincing the customer to buy from you in one market.  If they need more, you don’t have to go through all that trouble again.

Here’s The Way It Works In Practice

How would it affect your new business if each one of these new customers looking for embroidery ALSO purchased printed tees from you?

How would that affect your bottom line?

Embroidery Business Owners know that the minute they tell a prospect they do embroidery, they’ll start asking for custom printed t-shirts too.

Those 36 Little League caps would not only generate the 36 team shirts, but you’ll probably sell 36 fan shirts or more to the families.

That weekend event for your Custom Polo client might happen every quarter.

So you can expect four orders every year.

The 60 t-shirts you did for the charity run might catch another team’s attention and turn into 120 next time.

You’ve more than doubled your order with Stitch-N-Print WITHOUT having to find a new customer!

Don’t Let This Happen to Your Business

In fact, many of our veteran screen printing shops are adding embroidery because of the hot demand.  They’re tired of sending that profitable business to someone else.

Consider the t-shirt printing company that gets the call about doing sports jerseys for an entire school system.

Wow! Excellent order.

But then the order dries up shortly after the school system asks for a quote on embroidered uniforms.  It turns out the school realized they need embroidered polos for all their maintenance staff.

The shop owner who did the polos got a friend to print the shirts on the cheap and suddenly you’ve lost a deal.  Yeouch..

Maximize your Opportunities


T-Shirt printers who don’t have a good embroidery business plan are also missing out by not offering embroidery!

The bottom line is that the Stitch-N-Print bundle allows you to maximize every opportunity that walks through your door by capturing ALL their business.

That means you have the potential to make twice as much money from every phone call.  Twice as much from every email or chance meeting, twice as much from every referral.

Here’s an Extra Bonus!

The great news is that T-shirt printing, and Custom Embroidery is not the only thing your Stitch-N-Print package is capable of producing.

Yes, there’s a third way that Stitch N Print can help propel you into success, and we call it “The Heat Transfer Advantage.”

The custom t-shirt business is huge, and you could spend your entire career, focus your entire business, just on that aspect.  But there’s so much more!

Heat Transfer For Even More Profits

Heat transfer technology, which is what powers the printing half of the bundle, can do much more than t-shirts!

Imagine offering any of our sample customers in the scenarios we’ve outlined so far with:

  • Custom Polyester Bags
  • Golf Flags
  • Koozies
  • Banners
  • Umbrellas
  • Stadium Seat Covers
  • And Much More

While nobody can guarantee success, our Print-N-Stitch bundle gives you the best chance to start your new business.

You can do it; you can get MORE than twice the profit from every customer called, every email sent, and every prospect you meet.

Are you ready to take a closer look at the Stitch-N-Print bundle?



Payments start at $489 per month with 5% down for 60 months*.

*Based on approved credit.

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