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Custom Face Masks | Embroidery Business Ideas

Custom embroidered face masks can retail for $15 each and cost under $2.00 to make!

Custom face masks are a quick and easy way to make put some life back into your embroidery business.

Not only are companies making face masks mandatory, many local governments are putting masks ordinances in place. This has led to a HUGE rise in the popularity of both fashion and branded face masks.

Making a custom face mask with embroidery is a great way to help your customers feel better about wearing them AND is a big boost to your business.

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Products You’ll Need

Embroidery Machine

In this video we are making custom face masks with an Avance 1501C 2020 business class embroidery machine.

Blank Face Masks

The blank mask you’ll see is the District V.I.T. Face Masks. These can be found on Colman and Company with no order minimum required.

These cotton masks secure over the face with elastic head straps. This means no discomfort around the ears!

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