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Avancé PatchKit Pro Bundle

Monogram Machine - Avance 1501C Monogramming a Polo shirt

You’ve Got The Connections

If you’ve got some good connections with schools, firefighters, churches, martial arts clubs or municipal groups, then the Patch Kit Pro Bundle is a great place to start.

If you love embroidery and can get orders from any of the above, or police groups, military groups, girl & boy scouts, and sports clubs, then you’ll probably want to invest in this kit.

There’s something beautiful and elegant about high-quality custom embroidered emblems and patches.

They show the world our achievements. They position us as members of a group.

Patches identify those that belong.  They have been used throughout history in the military to define rank and indicate authority. Your squad, your unit, your battalion. If you’re in a town near a military base you’ll be amazed a the number of different patches you see!

Patches have also been used for a century to indicate what school you go to, with school crests prominently displayed on uniforms, backpacks, and robes – are you Gryffindor or Slytherin?

Private schools, Boy and Girl Scouts, and clubs, martial arts schools. Virtually every community has patch applications for kids. How many clubs and schools are in our town?

And with our Patch Kit Pro Embroidery Bundle, we’ve combined one of the most reliable single head embroidery machines, with the largest field size, and all the materials and accessories you need to create great looking patches.

Patches are:

  • Easier than embroidery alone
  • Works with nearly any garment
  • One size fits all
  • Can be as easy as a name
  • Or as complex as a large military emblem
  • Popular with Motorcycle Clubs
  • Purchased in Bulk
  • Don’t wash off
  • Very sturdy, but If you want a temporary patch they can be sewn rather than glued

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22 X 14 INCHES

Why It Makes Good Business Sense

We created the patch kit pro because our customers were having their customers ask for it.

What we found is that often end users need to get a short run of patches done quickly, but were being turned down by other embroidery companies.

The supplies and accessories arm of ColDesi, Colman & Company came to the rescue. Over the course of months, they developed and tested their Patch Kit.

The Patch Kit, and later the Patch Pro Kit became an instant hit. The kit is a quick way to create individual or dozens of patches at about the same time it takes to embroider directly on the garment itself.


Less Risk, Multiple Applications

Patches are less risk than direct embroidery because in the instance where things change or your association with the club or group changes it’s possible to remove the patch or even glue it.

Now, instead of turning down patches, or telling your customer they need to look elsewhere, you can use your Patch Kit Pro.

How Everything Works

Patch twill material has an embroidered look as if you had embroidered a flat fill stitch for the embroidery background.

And, the stiffness of the material allows the embroidery to pop off the fabric beautifully.

The Patch Kit Pro is a system that Colman and company developed by evaluating dozens of specialized materials to make the kit work properly. The materials have been tested over and over and over to make sure that they work the best

We have done all the testing and cutting and preparing to make sure that you don’t have to bother doing that.

The kit comes with stabilizer material that is very thin that also he presses directly onto the patch material which will keep it attached after the patch is sewn out.

The Process


Step 1

Embroider the fabric with a satin stitch outline.


Step 2

Cut the material or use the hot knives to separate out into either individual patches or individual groups of patches.

You use a hot knife because it prevents frays and makes it easy to cut through multiple layers of fabric without problems

The tool holder keeps the hot knife from burning other things. This knife is specific for doing fabrics. They come in multiple temperatures, and we have selected precisely the right hot knife for the job. A wood-burning cutter will not work.


Step 3

Trim the patch more closely and remove any plastic edges.

The heat seal material seals the loose threads, so it helps prevent the embroidery from fraying or the pulling up individual stitches. It takes less than a minute per patch.

What The Kit Comes With…

The patch material comes in multiple different colors here’s an excellent example of the material close-up.

Looks Great on:

  • Natural fibers
  • Cotton
  • wool
  • Polyester
  • Backpacks
  • tote bags
  • jacket backs
  • Hats
  • Dickies
  • Uniforms

Avancé 1501C Includes:

  • Avancé 1501C Compact Single Head 15 Needle Embroidery Machine
  • 10 Hoops – 2 each of 9, 12, 15, 20 cm, and 12×12 cm
  • One Jacket Back Hoop 14 x 21 cm
  • LCD Color Control Panel with USB Connection
  • Networkable LAN Connection
  • Table Top
  • Tool Kit
  • Heavy Duty Roll Stand
  • 2 Million Stitch Memory or 200 Designs
  • Easy Change Cap Driver with 2 Wide Cap Frames and a Cap Gauge (270 degrees)
  • Stitch Era Liberty Digitizing Software
  • Supplies – Nippers, 6″ Bent Tweezers, Titanium Scissors, 4.5″ Fine Tipped Curved Scissors, 50 Ball-Point Needles, 50 Sharp Needles, 1 Gross of Filament Bobbins, 1 Yard x 19.8″ Solvy Topping, 2 oz. Tearaway Backing 25 yds x 19″, 3 oz. Cutaway Backing 25 yds x 21.75
  • Panto Stock – 4,000 Embroidery Designs
  • Warranty 2 Years Parts & Labor, 5 Years Major Components

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+ FREE Technical Support

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PatchKit Pro Includes:

The DK-JP14 Heat Press.  It has a 12 X 14″ platen, and an end of cycle alarm plus an industrial style clamping system.

  • Hot Knife
  • Hot Knife Universal Tip
  • Hot Tool Holder
  • 3 Yards of Black Patch
  • 3 Yards of White Patch
  • 1 Roll PatchTwill Royal
  • 1 Roll PatchTwill Gray
  • 1 Roll PatchTwill Red
  • 1 Roll PatchTwill White
  • 10 Yards Heat Seal
  • 10 Yards Heat Spun
  • Jet Press 14
  • Borders Volume 1
  • Borders Volume 2
  • Borders Volume 3
  • Borders Volume 4
  • Release Paper – Matte

Use the Avancé Embroidery Machine

The Patch Kit Pro will work regardless of which embroidery machine you may use, but the Avancé has some serious advantages over other brands.

  • Larger Field Size
  • Fits through standard door
  • Lots of memory to keep your most common patches
  • Easily Converts
  • Can do everything from Polos to Jackets
  • Even has an Extended Pantograph option.
  • In one hooping, you can do up to 30 different names on 30 different patches

The Avancé can handle all they everyday embroidery chores, Hats, Caps, Jackets, and Polos.

When you combine the Avancé 1501C machine with a heat press, and the Patch Kit Pro from Colman & Company,
this bundle can give you limitless opportunity.

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