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Avancé PatchKit Pro Bundle

You’ve Got The Connections

If you’ve got some good connections with schools, firefighters, churches, martial arts clubs or municipal groups, then the Patch Kit Pro Bundle is a great place to start.

If you love embroidery and can get orders from any of the above, or police groups, military groups, girl & boy scouts, and sports clubs, then you’ll probably want to invest in this kit.

There’s something beautiful and elegant about high-quality custom embroidered emblems and patches.

They show the world our achievements. They position us as members of a group.

Patches identify those that belong.  They have been used throughout history in the military to define rank and indicate authority. Your squad, your unit, your battalion. If you’re in a town near a military base you’ll be amazed a the number of different patches you see!

Patches have also been used for a century to indicate what school you go to, with school crests prominently displayed on uniforms, backpacks, and robes – are you Gryffindor or Slytherin?

Private schools, Boy and Girl Scouts, and clubs, martial arts schools. Virtually every community has patch applications for kids. How many clubs and schools are in our town?

And with our Patch Kit Pro Embroidery Bundle, we’ve combined one of the most reliable single head embroidery machines, with the largest field size, and all the materials and accessories you need to create great looking patches.

Patches are: