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Personalized & Shoe Embroidery Making Machine Bundle

Information & Pricing to Start Your Custom Shoe Embroidery Making Business

Making Embroidered Shoes:
Cover Machine Costs & Make Big Profits!

One of the biggest questions we get asked is: “How do I cover the costs?”  when making custom shoe embroidery.  Let’s face it, covering your machine costs and making MONEY are what it’s all about. We’re talking about stitching on shoes that have already been assembled and ready for the next step in the manufacturing process, the personalization step. The Avancé custom shoe embroidery making machine bundle was specially created for this type of customization.

The real question is: What motivates YOU? What excites you and causes your blood to get moving in the morning READY to attack another day?

You’ve got dreams of making a brighter future for yourself and your family. Maybe…, just perhaps, you’re looking for a proven niche market like personalized shoes or embroidery on custom shoe embroidery covers. We manufacture machine packages to help you capture the profits of these markets.

Shoe Embroidery and other Personalized Footwear is booming. Meet the “Embroidery Grip“.

The biggest part of what we do each day is helping people just like you achieve those dreams. Personalizing footwear with our Embroidered Shoe Making Machine package is an excellent way to get started. And for the first time, our bundle comes includes the exclusive Embroidery Grip.  This amazing clamp holds shoes, bags, purses, and other leather goods perfectly stable for embroidery.  The release of this device has removed all the obstacles. The shoe embroidery market is booming. Big name brands like Nike®, Adidas®, Converse®, and Vans® are cashing in on the personalized footwear and monogramming business. And you can join them. Ditch your day job and step out to fulfill your dream of creating great looking fashion products using our Embroidered Shoe Making Machine bundle.  Signature Limited shoe lines such as the LeBron 12, the Kobe 9 Elite or the KDS7 line by Kevin Durant have pumped the profits for signature shoes into the stratosphere.

Amanda C.
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Buying an Embroidery machine is a very large investment. I spent about six months emailing and calling ColDesi regarding the pros and cons of such an investment. I t was easier for me to decide on my house (one day), then to buy the Avancé Embroidery machine. No matter how many times I asked questions (repeating the same questions more then once) I could hear the smile in her voice. Since purchasing my machine, taking delivery and participating in the online training class I have continued to purchase items from ColDesi. My latest purchase was the Fast Frames, which has been the second best thing next to the Avancé Embroidery machine. I can honestly say that even though Fast Frames are not in the same price bracket as the Avancé Embroidery machine, you would never know by the customer service that I received. ColDesi will always be the first company I contact next time I see something that I MUST have. ColDesi makes it fun to spend money!

The Embroidered Shoe Making Machine bundle is also well suited for existing t-shirt shops, embroidery shops, clothing line designers, or shoemakers who want to get in on the highly profitable market for personalization of shoes.

When you add in the capability to make embroidered shoes to an existing screen print shop, t-shirt business, or custom fashion business, it’s like magnifying your profits. We have combined our newest model Avancé embroidery machine, the 1501C, with our Stitch ERA monogramming software and the Embroidery Grip to help customers catapult their business to the next level.

The Embroidered Shoe Making Machine Bundle starts with ColDesi’ s award-winning embroidery machine – the Avancé 1501C.  Widely considered the best commercial embroidery machine.  It comes included with a sturdy stand which makes it ideal for events, storefront and mall traffic or commercial use. Also, unlike smaller home style machines, the Avancé 1501C handles embroidery on other bulky items like bags, canvas items, leather goods, caps, and shirts.

Avancé Sneaker Business Bundle

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  • Avancé Single Head 1501C
  • Embroidery Area - 22 x 14 inches
  • Machine Size 30" D x 33" W x 63" H with metal stand
  • Machine Weight - 320 pounds
  • 15 Needles / Colors
  • Power - 110V/60Hz and 200V/50Hz worldwide self-adaptable
  • Network Ready
  • 2 million - 200 design memory
  • Maximum Speed 1200 SPM
  • Wide Cap Frame: 270º
  • Quiet Operation
  • Real-time Stitching Preview
  • USB port
  • Thread Break Detention
  • Easily Transportable for Mobile Use
  • 4" LCD Color Display
  • Rotate Designs

Sneaker Bundle

Embroidery Grip

Hottest new product in the industry and a must for anyone wanting to do monogramming • Perfect for shoes, backpacks, luggage, floppy hats, coolers, car mats, Christmas stockings, boots, purses, belts, neckties, dog leads & collars

Stitch ERA Liberty Embroidery Software

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The Embroidery Grip

The Simple Magic Behind the Shoe Stitching Machine

The Embroidery Grip provides an easy way to hold typically impossible to hoop items for embroidery. The two-piece round frames that come standard with most embroidery machines don’t work well with bulky items. The clamp is the exclusive magic that makes the Embroidered Shoe Making Machine bundle so valuable. In the past, Shoes, Luggage, Boots, Christmas Stockings, Backpacks, Dog Collars, Neckties, and Hats have been tough to hoop. The Embroidery Grip takes care of these problems with its two durable clamping arms designed to hold unusual or heavy items for shoe embroidery. You can easily and quickly attach the Embroidery Grip to almost any commercial embroidery machine. The clamp has a maximum area of 3 ½” by 6 ½”.  Colman and Company who is the accessories and supplies division keep the clamp in stock for the GS1501, the Avancé embroidery machine, Tajima, Toyota, SWF, and the Happy single heads. The clamping arms are adjustable from 1” wide up to 6 ½” and the device installs on the embroidery machine in minutes.

Detailed Information about Stitch Era Liberty

The Stitch ERA Liberty software is a fully featured custom digitizing software package.  Very powerful, yet easy to use, it allows you to create custom embroidery designs from clip art, scans, or camera images.

Simply load up the image and chose from automatic mode or manual mode depending on complexity and the desired result. Liberty software has all the features required to create, store, format, print, catalog, and edit designs.  The Liberty level allows advanced editing of stitch patterns, including the ability to work with expanded and condensed designs.

But what sets Stitch ERA Liberty apart from the standard embroidery software is the capability o add lettering quickly, including both true-type fonts and pre-digitized fonts, and to make edits to those matters is what sets Stitch ERA Liberty apart from the standard embroidery software. The software also can do custom layouts, virtually unlimited monogramming, and even auto-digitizing from raster graphics or vector files.

Liberty also has full object editing capabilities all the way down to the individual stitch level. The User Interface is similar to the Microsoft Office style integrations with the application buttons, context ribbon bars & other resources placed exactly where expected. Business owners and operators alike will find that it’s easy to get up to speed.

The software supports a good workflow with smooth transitions between screens, and each section is well organized.

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