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Chenille Machines

Chenille Machines

The 3 dimensional look and soft feel of chenille, in the past, was used mostly in sports applications.

But now, thanks to machines like the Highland JC601C and Highland CX1201C, it’s producing a wide range of items that show up in some surprising places.

There’s even and entire section on Etsy devoted just to chenille goods for sale!

What is Chenille?

Chenille is a fabric with a soft, velvety surface that is often used for embroidery decoration on sportswear.

It is made from a variety of materials, including cotton, wool, and acrylic, and can be either hand- or machine-embroidered. Chenille is a popular choice for sportswear because it is durable and easy to care for.  The unique appearance offered by chenille is often used for club emblems or association logos.

It is also relatively inexpensive, making it a good option for budget-conscious consumers. Chenille embroidery can be used to add logos, team names, and player numbers to jerseys and other garments.

You’ll also find it used to decorate hats, bags, and other accessories.

Chenille vs Embroidery

Chenille is different from traditional computerized embroidery, but just as useful from a business perspective.

Chenille is sewn using a special machine, like the JC601C, that feeds yarns up through the bottom in such a way as to create a raised, textured surface that resembles carpet.

So strictly speaking, it’s not using embroidery thread, but yarn, and there’s no bobbin like you would find in a commercial embroidery machine.

Another thing that separates chenille from machine embroidery is that you are usually not sewing directly onto the garment. Instead, the design is applied to a fabric background called scrim felt, which is then cut out and sewn to the garment like a patch.

Lastly, because the yarn used is much bulkier than standard polyester embroidery thread, you can cover a much larger area with fewer stitches.  And that means that even though it sews more slowly than its commercial embroidery machine cousins, it can actually be much more productive for many applications.

Chenille and Embroidery Machine Options

Highland JC601C

Compact 6 Color Chenille Machine

While this six-color heavy-duty machine is built for commercial use, it’s small enough to power your business from a back bedroom or a corner of a busy commercial embroidery shop.

Highland JC601C

Compact 6 Color Chenille Machine

$26900 $ 26,190
  • HUGE sewing field (approx. 20 x 15.5")
  • Automatic Thread Trimming: trims the thread when color changes occur, and when the pantograph moves to another location on the design
  • Automatic Thread Break Detection
  • User-friendly Control Panel 5.7" Color LCD
  • 6 Chenille Colors with Automatic Color Change
  • Max sewing speed 650 stitches per minute
  • Built in workspace lighting
  • Sixteen Million (16,000,000) Stitch Memory - Machine memory holds sixteen million stitches or 400 designs
  • USB Port - For easily transferring designs to machine using USB flash drives
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Telephone Support and Equipment Training Included
  • Extra large table to support large items such as blankets, table is easily removed if space is a premium

Highland CX1201C

Best of Both Worlds Chenille and Embroidery Machine

The best thing about this machine is the flexibility. It can function as two separate machines, chenille or embroidery, or you can use them together to create designs that have both chenille and embroidery!

On one side you get the commercial, 6 needle chenille machine you need to make all the patches, team numbers and other custom items you can think of.

On the other side you have a professional 12 needle embroidery machine to do all of your direct embroidery jobs.

Do team numbers on one side and team caps on the other.

Create jacket back patches with chenille and embroidered gym bags with direct embroidery.

Do both! Sew out a chenille design then add embroidery to the chenille design. The machine can automatically move the hoop from the chenille head to the embroidery head and center it, so you’re ready to start embroidering on the chenille design.

And the list goes on! Check out the features on this best of both worlds option, then call us to talk over what’s right for your business.

Highland CX1201C

Chenille and Embroidery Machine

$34950 $ 29,850
  • Unbreakable reciprocators with the patented RPS Reciprocator Protection System
  • Larger cap sewing area - sews closer to the brim than any other machine in its class
  • Quick Change Cap and Hooping System changes flats to caps, caps to flats, or even one hoop to another in seconds - no tools needed! (Only for embroidery head.)
  • Large Color LCD Display - Control panel features a 10.2" color LCD display for user friendly operation.
  • Automated Embroidery, and Machine
  • 12 Embroidery Needles/Colors - More thread colors means less down time to change thread
  • 6 Chenille Needles/Colors
  • 90° Presser feet which allow for closer to the edge designs
  • Extra Large Working Area - Maximum design size is 500mm x 400mm (17.7 x 15.7 inches!)
  • Embroidery max sewing speed 850 stitches per minute / Chenille max sewing speed 600 stitches per minute
  • Built in energy saving fluorescent lights
  • Sixteen Million Stitch Memory - Machine memory holds 16 million stitches or 400 designs
  • Automatic Thread Trimming on Embroidery and Chenille - Trims the thread when color changes occur, and when the pantograph moves to another location on the design
  • USB Port - For easily transferring designs to machine using USB flash drives
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Telephone Support and Equipment Training Included
  • Removable table for standard embroidery - shirts, jackets, and hats

Best of all, now that Highland is part of ColDesi’s Avancé line of commercial embroidery machines, you get the power of ColDesi Support behind every purchase!

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