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Designed just for you: the Startup and Commercial Embroidery Professional

Whether you are just starting a business in commercial embroidery or are a professional with multiple machines, Avancé is the best value in today’s marketplace. Not only is the price great for the features included, it also gives you the opportunity to grow your business unlike any other embroidery equipment for sale today.


Add more single head machines and take advantage of the ability to send design files over Ethernet. OR trade in within 2 years and get a 100% credit towards a multi head machine.


Our newest generation of commercial embroidery machines. You’ll double your production for far less than the cost of 2 single head machines. Complete jobs in ½ the time = make twice as much every hour of embroidery work.

Great Value

There isn’t a better industrial embroidery machine you can buy in this price range. The Avancé line is built to last, and to work hard all day long, just like you. The Avancé has an embroidery field of up to 19.7 x 13.8 inches and 1200 stitches per minute giving you the ability to embroider garments, large jacket backs and caps.


ColDesi’s 18+ years in business has taught us two things:

1. Our Customers GROW.

Either by expanding existing business by adding another embroidery machine or other decorating technologies.

2. We GROW with Our Customers!

We start every new customer relationship with the understanding that we’ll be in business together for years to come.
That’s why we made it so easy to upgrade, expand and grow.


Best Trade UP in the Industry

Our 100% Trade Up Guarantee means that you can buy a 1501C today Avancé, not just any brand, not just any machine and trade it in for its original value for a 4 head or 6 head machine. Amazing!


Network Modular

Network Modular is the idea that you can start with one embroidery machine and increase your production by adding more of the same. Every time you add a machine you can add it to your system – that feature turns your single head into a dual, then a 4 head, and then the sky’s the limit!


The Avancé isn’t just any new embroidery machine.

ColDesi, Inc and the ownership’s 50 years of experience in the apparel decorating industry has gone into creating a new product class. They’ve created a product that has the reliability of the most expensive industrial machines on the market and the features that all of their years of experience tell them will make a difference in customer success.

ColDesi, Inc. Is a wonderful company to work with. Their representative, Scott Levine, answered all of my questions, provided me with educational material and comparisons to other machines, provided contacts to other Avancé owners so that I could ask and get direct answers, and was available at almost any time that I had a question. He is a pleasure to work with. I am confident that their technical and support groups will be just as accessible and as helpful as Scott has been.

Cathy C.

Hi Michelle!  Just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed your training classes!  I felt it was so informational especially for me, who has no embroidery machine experience at all.  To say I left there excited and thinking I could really do this was awesome!  Now that I’m home with my own machine, I’m going over my notes and playing around with the embroidery program and it’s starting to really click!  Thank you so much!!!!
You were so knowledgeable and encouraging and I am so happy with my purchase from ColDesi!!!!!

Buying an Embroidery machine is a very large investment. I spent about six months e-mailing and calling Ona at ColDesi regarding the pros and cons of such an investment. It was easier for me to decide on my house (one day), then to by the Avancé Embroidery machine. No matter how many times I asked questions (repeating the same questions more then once) I could hear the smile in her voice. Since purchasing my machine, taking delivery and participating in the on-line training class I have continued to purchase items from Ona at ColDesi. My latest purchase was the Fast Frames, which has been the second best thing next to the Avancé Embroidery machine. I can honestly say that even though the Fast Frames are not in the same price bracket as the Avancé Embroidery machine, you would never know by the customer services that I received. ColDesi will always be the first company I contact next time I see something that I MUST have. ColDesi makes it fun to spend money!

Amanda C.

The customer service at this company is HANDS DOWN one of the best that I have ever dealt with. I absolutely love my Avancé and Graphtec and will recommend these guys and ladies to everyone I meet that is interested in starting the business. The little things they do mean so much, just like getting random emails to make sure everything is going okay and to see if you need anything. Thanks so much, Scott Levine you ROCK BROTHER!!

Mark G.

Having ColDesi on your team is like having a silent business partner with lots of contacts and resources. Can’t say enough about my new friend Tom Rumbaugh. He and the rest of the folks at ColDesi genuinely want you to succeed and they take the time to point you to resources and information that you need.

Kathleen G.

I have been actively looking at embroidery machines for the past three years. After a lot of research I chose the Avancé 1501C along with their Cut n Press package. Not only do I feel that this equipment will fulfill my needs, The sales staff simply locked in the deal. Tracy and Ona worked extremely hard to provide me with all the information I requested and patiently help guide me in the direction that I needed to stay focused on. This is a new type of business for me and I have the tendency to want to do everything, and with the quality of a wide assortment of equipment that ColDesi has to offer I felt like a kid in a candy store. I can hardly wait to get things started and running smoothly so I can start looking at expanding my product line. A big thank you to Tracy and Ona as well as the whole ColDesi team.

Tom M.

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