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Having top quality training and support for your business is just as important as having the best in embroidery equipment. Our team is here to help you get going whether its your 1st machine or your 100th.

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Avancé and Highland Single Head Embroidery Machines Only. Expires August 31, 2022.

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$10,495*Add PRO Digitizing software for $500

Retail Value: $11,940 Now just $10,495 – you SAVE $1,445

*Continental U.S. Only. With approved credit. Sale price cannot be combined with other offers. e.g. 0% financing

Now With .

Get Started in Embroidery + Custom Tees + MORE… for LESS

Was $11,653 – Now Just


OR $239/month with ZERO Down*

*Above terms based on 2+ years in business and approved credit. Start-up businesses could be approved with a slightly higher payment.

Choosing an embroidery machine is about the application first. ​

And that’s about your BUSINESS application as well as your EMBROIDERY application.

Because both Avance models are commercial embroidery machines. Meaning they will both stand up to the rigors of running all day, every day in a production environment. They also have the same control panel and share all of their most popular features…

Features like Wifi, touchscreens, design memory and an easy-to-use interface. Both the Avance 1501C 15 needle machine and the Avance 1201C 12 needle machine come with the same training, same support and use the same embroidery supplies.

But if your EMBROIDERY application is to sew on very large items. Items like big jacketbacks, table runners, horse blankets or sashes, then the Avance 1501C is a must. Because it has a huge embroidery field and comes with larger hoops.

On the other hand, if you BUSINESS application involves portability, like attending events and embroidering table-top style then the 1201C is going to be a winner for you. It’s smaller, lighter and more easily adapts to tabletop operation.  

There’s more to it than that, of course! Read on for other differences and then chat with a pro to help you determine which is the better fit.

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Embroidery Prices | How to Price Embroidery / Monogramming

Embroidery Prices | How to Price Embroidery / Monogramming

Starting a business is tough and there are so many things you need to do before, during and after opening your doors. One of the most important moments in any new embroidery company’s life cycle happens when they decide what his or her goals should be as it will help them reach those larger aspirations with less difficulty!
One way that I have found success for my own small businesses was by breaking down each step into smaller milestones which made sure we were taking action towards our goal every day instead waiting until everything came together at once right off-the bat like magic (which doesn’t happen). This allowed us time along both journeys: 1) To see progress 2 )Feel confident about wherewe

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Once you’ve seen the crisp, professional designs that can be done with machine embroidery you were hooked, right? And the idea that you can make money doing it, from home, is a real thing. But you may have a few questions, like “Is it hard?” or “What do I need to get started?”  The good news […]

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Comparing Brother Embroidery Machine to Avance

You’ll occasionally see the Brother Persona PRS100 embroidery machine compared to traditional commercial embroidery machines like the Avancé 1201C on a regular basis. That’s because in the Brother Embroidery Machine line up, the PRS100 does have a few more “professional” style features than its home machine counterparts. But let’s take a look at what an […]

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