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Commercial Embroidery Business Bundle - Making Mixed media caps and tees and more!

Complete Embroidery Business Bundles – Multiplying Success

Easy Ways to add Custom Tees to Your Embroidery Business (Plan)

The commercial embroidery business bundle is great for craft embroidery production.  Niche markets are consistently a good business to be in. 

As evidenced by the large number of small, 1-5 person shops that thrive all over the country. In fact, commercial embroidery is one of the least expensive startup businesses you can get into – and one that gives you the freedom to be creative and make money from a small office or a home office.

There are a few things that make Commercial Embroidery such an attractive business:

The latest trend, and one that MULTIPLIES the profitability of an embroidery business and expands your ability to be creative, is offering custom heat pressed vinyl t-shirt along with your stitches.

We’ll review each of the advantages of getting into the embroidery business listed above and THEN go over the custom t-shirt system addition that can make a big impact on your profitability… but first take a look at this short demonstration video of a professional embroidery machine (below) so you’ll have a better idea of what is being discussed.


While there are a lot of custom apparel solutions that run into the $20K, $30K and even up to $100,000, a great quality embroidery machine built for a professional business.   The Avancé 1501C in the video, is usually under $12,000 or less than a $300/month lease payment if you are able to qualify for financing. The typical professional embroidery

 starts at $15K, so the Avancé starts off offering a great entry point even among its peers. The Avancé actually comes with everything you need, including enough embroidery thread and backings to handle your typical first job. You also get digitizing software so you can turn company logos into embroidery designs as well as the ability to create your own from scratch. Lastly, and this is VERY important to a startup in particular, you get TRAINING on the equipment and the software rolled into the price. This is vital if you have no experience! This way you can start making money right away.

It IS bigger than your home consumer embroidery or sewing machine, but it should be! Those commercial components that allow it to run consistently for 8, 10, or 20 hours a day make for a more robust design. Having said that, the 1501C comes with a wheeled stand AND will easily fit through a doorway, (it’s about 30” x 30”) so storing the machine in a closet or just keeping it in the corner office or home office will still leave you plenty of space for your computer, working table, supplies and more. When you are working in embroidery there are no inks or harsh chemicals. No need worry about mess or fumes. No need for any other equipment, just a place to store all the hoops, thread and backing. Since the Avancé is particularly quiet too, it’s the perfect solution for a home based office.

There are a few apparel decorating or custom t-shirt technologies out there that offer the allure of low entry costs for equipment, but the SUPPLIES it takes to produce an end product make it a real investment to keep the proper materials on the shelf. A 5,000 meter cone of embroidery thread, for example, is just $6.87 from Colman and Company, and that’s the core of every job you do. Other supplies you’ll need include embroidery backings and toppings and a  few other sundries, but nothing that will add significantly to how much you have to spend to be ready to produce your next job. Maintenance on your embroidery machine is actually very simple… and very cheap. It requires regular oiling and cleaning out the bobbin case, which is gone over at length during training, but that’s a low cost item too.

There are so many different ways to make money in commercial and craft embroidery that we did an entire article on it here, and adding the ability to do cut vinyl designs for custom t-shirts just adds dozens and dozens more. But let’s take a look at just a few ways you can earn a living with just your 1501C and what comes with it:

• Custom embroidered caps and hats

• Gym bags and golf bags

• Sports jackets and jerseys

• Company Polo and Long Sleeve Shirts

• Name tags and patches

• Full jacket back designs

• Custom pillows and sundries

• Resort wear including robes, shirts and more

So just with the standard equipment and software you can see how many different markets you can go after; schools, resorts, companies, retail stores… there’s no limit!

Multiplying Success and Profits with Custom T-Shirts

Every experienced embroidery pro knows that for every 10 jobs they get for putting a company logo on a cap or on a uniform, at least 1 or 2 will ask if they can do a regular t-shirt design as well.

Many embroidery companies actually develop relationships with local DTF printer shops just to fulfill their best customer’s requests – and so split their profits with someone else.

Just imaging getting an order for 50 embroidered caps from a local plumbing company, for example. Each employee can wear a cap indefinitely, the same one every day, but what if they also want a simple cotton t-shirt with the company logo on the front and “World’s Best Plumbers” or their company tag line on the back? In that scenario, how many t-shirts do you think they will need? 100? 200? That’s money that could go into YOUR POCKET!

Take a look at the video above for a demonstration of the CutnPress custom t-shirt system, you can see how easy it is to create custom tees to round out your embroidery business.

It is incredibly simple to create the kinds of designs that will make you money and help keep your best customers coming back for more. And the best part is that it adds so little to the cost of your startup custom apparel business because you can BUNDLE it with your commercial embroidery machine.

You can expect an Embroidery Business Bundle of the Avancé 1501C and the CutnPress to cost under $15,000 and lease for less than $450/month.

Now let’s look at how much money you can make on a typical embroidery/t-shirt combination order:

24 Embroidered Caps @ $15 each = $360
24 Custom Tees @ $15 each = $360

With an average profit of about $9 on each, you can NET over $430 in just one day of production – because while your Avancé is embroidering on a cap you can work on your custom shirts!

Much More than Just Custom Tees

The fact that the main component for the CutnPress bundle is a 15” Graphtec plotter cutter opens up a whole world of other great money-making ideas too:

  • Appliqué for large 3D lettering and more
  • Window and door signage
  • Cups and mugs
  • Picture frames and other crafts

Now that you’ve learned about how you can really leverage an Embroidery Business Bundle to maximize you sales, profits, markets and success, start talking with ColDesi about exactly what’s included and current promotions and pricing today!