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Avancé 1501C

Multi-head Embroidery Machine Options

Buying multiple single-head embroidery machines makes better sense for today’s embroidery and customer apparel business

Investing in big multi-head embroidery machines – 6 head, 12 head and even larger – USED to make a lot of sense.  That’s because each embroidery order was larger.

Big companies would order all the embroidery they needed for their employees at once and then stockpile extra shirts.  High-quantity orders were the norm because the small and local businesses couldn’t easily afford the premium look of embroidery.

When you got an order for 800 or 1,000 Polo shirts with the same logo on each one, you almost HAD to have a big machine to make that work financially.

The cost per square foot on commercial space used to be a lot lower too.  You had larger orders coming in. You were fulfilling them on big machines. And you needed a big space to hold it all.

But in TODAY’S custom apparel and embroidery market – things are different.