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Design Deck Embroidery Software and More

A new addition to our embroidery software and programs, we now offer ColDesi DesignDeck. 

Made to be easy to learn and use, DesignDeck is a premium digitizing service that creates stunning embroidery and chenille designs that will separate your business from the competition.  

Offer your customers more than what most standard digitizing softwares can do with AI technology that will give you endless customization options to perfect your designs.  

We know that finding the right digitizing service is vital to an embroidery business, without one digitizing would be left to you which is tedious and time consuming.  

For those thinking about entering the embroidery business and aren’t quite sure what the term digitizing means, let’s briefly go over it.  

What is Digitizing?

Now why is having a premium digitizing software so important to an embroidery business?  

Well, to put it plain and simple, you don’t want low quality designs. Poor digitizing results in low quality designs for your customers, who are paying for and expecting a job well done.  

Digitizing can’t be done on any graphic editing software, it requires professional and specialty training because of how complex it is. 

But with software like DesignDeck, any hobbyist or home-based embroiderer can start digitizing and creating precise and intricate designs.  

What Does DesignDeck Feature?

With the ability for multimedia creation, DesignDeck software gives embroiderers the tools they need to stay ahead of their competition.  

Let’s get into some of the specific features DesignDeck offers for standard embroidery and chenille style customizations.  

DesignDeck Embroidery Software Features

With tons of stitch customizations and options to personalize, DesignDeck brings creativity to a new level.  

Plus, this software takes away the hassle of having to digitize each design by hand. Instead, designs can be easily and quickly digitized, reducing the amount of time for production.  

DesignDeck Chenille Features

Along with standard embroidery, DesignDeck provides advanced design features that make chenille embroidery possible. 

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