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Commercial Embroidery Machines |Comparison and Review - Updated for 2021

The Top Single Head Commercial Embroidery Machines NEW for 2022 - Editors Review

We give you a full in-depth analysis on the top brands the professionals use, as well as a comparison and review of the lesser known monogramming machines found on Amazon, Alibabba, Ebay and Ali Express. Enjoy this professional embroidery machine review.

Embroidery Machines Fall Into Distinct Categories

In the past, there were two basic categories of embroidery machines in the market.  There were commercial embroidery machines, which were designed for hours and hours of constant use.  Sometimes referred to as Industrial Embroidery Machines, these machines have the proven reliability and quality needed if embroidery is your day-to-day passion.

And then there were the “home machines”, or monogramming machines which were typically much smaller and had fewer options and colors.

However, with the advent of mega shopping sites like Ebay, Amazon, Ali Express and Alibabba, there have been an influx of untested embroidery machines that look, act and smell like traditional brands but have little to no track record

These machines fall into a third category that straddles the market space between the professional embroidery machines and home monogramming machines. 

Keep in mind that choosing the best commercial embroidery machine or the best monogramming machine can mean the difference between success and failure.

Customers are More Concerned About the Quality of Your Embroidery Output

This year, most of the industrial embroidery machines have new features and updates for 2022.  So, how do each of the following top embroidery machines stack up against each other this year?

Embroidery Professionals have traditionally been more interested in machine output quality, high-quality parts and components and reliability.

But they also realize that customers don’t really care which brand of embroidery machine you own, as long as the quality of the embroidery is razor crisp.

The way the machine performs can make a huge difference to you and your bottom line. 

Bad performance from a machine and double and even triple the time it takes to get your jobs done.  -blowing a hole in your bottom line profits.

But on the other hand, the very best quality of output is not worth the risk if the machine causes too many other headaches. The very best embroidery machines are worth the additional expense!

The Benchmark Machine - The Avancé Machine

Updated for 2022, the Avancé is our benchmark brand for the commercial embroidery machine category. Once again this year, the  Avancé 1501C from ColDesi is a big jump ahead in the areas that customers have wanted most.

How easy the machine is to use and maintain is critical to making a decent profit.  For that reason alone, you’ll want to invest in a company as well as a machine.  You can’t afford downtime.

Professional Embroidery Machine Review for a Growing Business

Your business is living and growing. Even if you do not yet see a need for a specific feature, it’s possible that exact feature could have a huge impact as your business grows.

For example, the Avancé 1501C has the largest jacket back size of any other commercial embroidery machine represented in this top list of single head machines.

You may not have a huge call for large jacket backs now, but chances are good that you will want this and other features like it as you learn all the little tricks and techniques for using that extra size (patches, case covers, towels, etc.). It’s important to keep your options open to take advantage of new opportunities as they come along. Let’s learn how.

Factors We Used To Compare

Support, Training and Warranty options are also HUGE factors in the long term success of your business.  Many small businesses can’t get off the ground because they don’t understand their machine’s full potential.  Or they don’t understand how to price embroidery.

Here, in this professional embroidery machine review we cover not only the machines and features, but also the brands and the companies that sell them. It’s important to uncover distribution strategies as well. There are several different distribution strategies that manufacturers use, and the way they go about selling makes a difference to the end-user.

Also, even though the embroidery machines made for the embroidery or monogramming business have similar features. They each use different methods for expressing those same features. The manufacturer may or may not emphasize particular things in their marketing.

For example; they will all embroider on caps, but cap frames may or may not be included with a particular purchase. Machine stands are typically available or included, and they all typically have some kind of tracing/laser option.

Each will usually have a “table” for embroidering on heavy items like jackets, blankets, or caps etc., some manufacturers include these things for free and others do not.

ALL commercial embroidery machines will do 3D text and small lettering – it’s just a matter of specific fonts which are included or not and the quality of the small fonts.

Lastly, any commercial embroidery machine also qualifies as a commercial monogram machine.  However, they are an improvement over the 6 or 10 needle monogram machines because of their larger sewing field, their more commercial construction and their capacity for 15 needles.

It’s important to have multiple jobs ready pre-loaded on the embroidery machine for smoother production from job to job.

Commercial embroidery machine features that are best for start-up’s

• Unlimited Training
• Quick Support Response
• High Quality Included Software
• Large Sewing Field (Jackets, Patches, Etc.)
• Ability to do Caps

Training and Resources to look for:

• Training – online and offline
• Education – videos, books +
• Quality Technical Support
• Industry Connections
• Start Up MUST Haves

5 Things to look for in your startup package:

• Hoops, hoops, hoops, the more the better
• Supply startup kit – backings, thread, bobbins, etc.
• Embroidery Designs – as many as possible
• Digitizing/Embroidery software (necessary)
• Rolling Stand

FEATURES Avance 1501C 2020 Tajima TMBP-SC1501 Melco EMT16 The CamFive EMB HT1051 MakeIt Machine Barudan XL2: BEKT-S1501CAII Happy HCD2
Number of Needles 15