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Best Value For Start-Ups

Commercial Embroidery Machine for StartUps

What makes the Avancé the Best Value for StartUps?

ColDesi has over 24 years of experience in helping entrepreneurs start new embroidery businesses, both home based and retail oriented stores. Our employees, including professional account managers and the best support technicians in the business have more than 500 years of collective experience in getting businesses started and keeping them running profitably based on professional embroidery systems.

3 Reasons the Avancé 1501C the BEST choice for Commercial Embroidery Startups

Right Features

  • The ability to embroider on Caps – cap or hat embroidery is a very popular and very profitable part any custom apparel business. The 1501C lets you create large, almost wrap around designs for your customers.
  • 15 needle configuration. Professional embroiderers know that you’ll keep 6-8 primary colors on your machine at all times. Then, once you get a few customers coming back, you’ll have plenty of room to store their most common choices. 15 needles on a commercial embroidery machine means 15 different colored cones of thread, and that translates into big time savings for you.
  • Portability is key. The Avancé 1501C (“C” stands for Compact) is one of the most portable machines on the market because it comes with feet already installed. Many machines, like the Tajima and SWF, are mounted with bolts directly to the wheeled cart they come with. That means you have to uninstall and reinstall every time you want to take your machine on the road. Not so with Avancé!
  • Of course, the high grade steel stand, on casters, comes with the unit, so a StartUp working from a bedroom office can just wheel it into a closet when not in use.
  • Professional digitizing software. Stitch Era Universal from Sierra is a full featured digitizing software that will allow you to test the limits of your creativity. There’s also a clear upgrade path to even more powerful versions when your needs expand.
  • Free Embroidery Designs are included. You get 4,000 designs with every machine. That means you don’t have to start from scratch with the basics.. like baseballs, footballs, boats, and a wide variety of other embroidery “clip art”. You can get started right away!
  • Memory. Believe it or not, there are still commercial embroidery machines on the market that can’t store your designs on board. This is important, because it’s so much faster and simpler to just select from regular customers’ designs from the control panel and sew rather than have to go back to your computer to complete the job. The 1501C will store up to 200 designs right on the machine itself.

Best Training and Support

  • Training is vital, especially if you’re new to the business of apparel decorating. ColDesi not only has qualified, experienced people waiting to train you on your new software and equipment – we have a whole training SYSTEM designed to get you up and running.. and KEEP you there!
  • Live Online Training – This is by far the most popular choice for our customers! You receive your new single head machine and sign up for our lead trainer to take you through EVERYTHING live online. There are slides to give you the information, videos to show you how to do it, then you’ll do the exercise on your own machine. Our trainer is on line with you the whole time!
  • Self – Paced Training – maybe you have some experience on machines like this one, or need to help a new employee get started embroidering. In that case you can go through our Self-Pace training with videos and information ready when you are.
  • In House – If you really think you’ll need that extra, hands on attention you can join one of our classroom training sessions in one of our locations.
  • Free Tech Support as long as you own your machine. This is not just a technician on the other end of  your phone call, we’ve got a sophisticated support system that starts with HUNDREDS of videos and an autoresponse mechanism that actually sends you the most likely resolution to your issue automatically so you don’t have to wait.

Trade Up Guarantee

  • Avancé Grows with You

    ColDesi is so confident in the quality of the machine itself, and in its usefulness to your embroidery business startup, that we offer something no one else in the industry can… a 2 year 100% Trade Up Guarantee!

    When your new business takes off and you need to go from a single head to a multi head embroidery machine, like the 1502, 1504 or 1506C, we’ll give you 100% of what you paid for the 1501C in trade. That is an AMAZING commitment from ColDesi! You can use your machine for 2 years and it’s worth exactly the same as it was NEW.If you want to expand, but don’t need to grow all at once you can take advantage of Avancé Networking – you can actually buy a 2nd, 3rd or 4th single head commercial embroidery machine and put them all on the same network so they ACT like a multi head.

    Impressive, right? Start Up NOW Don’t wait. Contact us right away and get your business started with Avancé and ColDesi by filling out the form here

Buying a Business or Starting One?

Many entrepreneurs, or people looking into starting their own business, struggle with the decision on whether or not to buy and embroidery machine and start their own company or look into an embroidery business for sale. There are pros and cons to each, but if do evaluate an embroidery business for sale vs. buying a new embroidery machine and creating a business yourself. Take a look at the following points:

  • What are you actually buying? When you buy a commercial embroidery or custom t-shirt  business, it’s not just the value of the equipment that needs to be evaluated, it’s the business itself.
  • Is there a lease on the Equipment and Fixtures or is it is paid for?
  • What is the remaining warranty on the equipment? Is there a service contract with time left on it?
  • Where will  you get training on running your new machines when you purchase the business?
  • Is the person listing the Embroidery Business for Sale the owner or a broker? Who pays the commissions?
  • Can they produce good quality books (accounting records) that clearly show profits? Salaries?
  • What kind of “good will” are you buying? In other words, will the embroidery businesses customers stay with the business, or will they leave because of the personal connection with the owners?
  • Do they have a website, Facebook page or any other marketing presence that you’ll get with the business?

The big question that you need answered first is: WHY IS THE EMBROIDERY BUSINESS FOR SALE? Is it not profitable? Have sales been decreasing? are the owners retiring?

Oftentimes owners of existing small businesses have built the business up to the point of providing themselves with a lifestyle rather than an ever growing business. Their standards might be to just pay their mortgage, their expenses and to work in a business they enjoy. Are theirs the same as yours?

Of course you CAN find a good embroidery business for sale out there, but the odds of finding one that’s run well, run profitably and positioned for growth in the city, town or neighborhood you want to be in. .at the exact time that you’re ready to start a business, are very, very low!

Staring an embroidery business or buying one from someone else are both big decisions, and ColDesi is here to help!

Ready to Start or Expand Your Embroidery Business?

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