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Embroidered Caps - Printed T-shirts - Promotional Products AND Custom Face Masks

If your custom apparel or t-shirt shop is planning on targeting schools, fundraising, or working with sports teams, then we have a bundle that will make you’re the talk of the league.

Maybe your planning to sell to landscaping companies or other blue collar type businesses with lots of employees in the field?

Let’s face it; most shops have problems with caps.  Almost any print or embroidery you may want to do on a shirt is a harder to produce across the curve of a cap.

If you want to make Hats and Caps your go-to success story, you’ll want to make sure you get the very best equipment. That’s what our Stitch-N-Print for Cap bundle does for you.

What Comes with The Bundle?

Stitch-N-Print is a combo package featuring the Avancé 1501C commercial Single Head Embroidery Machine and DigitalHeat FX Custom T-Shirt Printing System

It doesn’t stop there; the bundle also includes the Fusion AUTO CAP Heat Press + Print Optimizer printing software & a FULL-SIZE Heat Press as well.  Good for both regular caps and 3d hats or caps for better ROI.

This bundle gives your business quadruple the profit potential by offering Embroidery AND Full-Color Custom Caps AND Custom T-shirts!

Start with the Avancé Embroidery Machine

The first part of the bundle is a high-quality embroidery machine, the Avancé 1501C, loaded with standard features and options.

Embroidery is a Premium Market. There are millions of businesses that have used and continue to buy embroidered corporate identity items. It’s got a long-standing history and along with t-shirts, it absolutely rules high-school fundraising and middle school fundraising opportunities.

It also commands huge profit margins. Embroidery is the first and longest lasting, most consistent decorating methods available.

Tried and True, once you tell others you have an embroidery machine, the work will begin to push itself to you.

The Avancé professional embroidery machine is perfect for creating all sorts of professional-looking custom logo wear.

You can make embroidered caps, personalized apparel, baby clothing, bags, sashes, bridal accessories and everything else that inspired you to take your embroidery business plan and turn it into reality.

Technical Details

+ FREE Online Training or at ColDesi

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More About the Avancé Options

Avancé comes with everything you need to succeed, including digitizing software from Sierra, a great selection of hoops and accessories a five-year warranty and the best training in the industry.

The machine is fast. You can lay down up to 1200 stitches per minute. That means you can produce the maximum amount of goods in the minimum amount of time.

The Avancé 1501C is designed to give you that combination of price, features, and reliability that makes it easy to get into the commercial embroidery business.

Rock Solid; The machine is created from the highest quality metal or ceramic parts.

In fact, before you get the embroidery machine, we have already tested it for over 300,000 stitches.

That’s how we can offer a FIVE-YEAR warranty with confidence!

The 1501C can embroider flats and caps right out of the box. It even comes with over 4,000 designs to get you started.

Now Add the DigitalHeat FX® T-Shirt System

Personalized T-Shirt Printing is Popular and Expanding. It’s the other side of the custom apparel spectrum for a significant return on investment.

That’s why the second part of Stitch-N-Print for Caps bundle is the DigitalHeat FX custom t-shirt transfer & personalized printing system.

Think about how many printed t-shirts you see in your everyday life. You’ll soon have an idea of how big the market is. Adding custom t-shirts with the stitch-n-print bundle will boost your profits and helps your embroidery business plan pay you back faster.

While embroidered Polo shirts and uniforms are the bread and butter of corporate apparel, custom printed t-shirts are what catches the consumer’s eye.

Technical Details

+ FREE Online Training or at ColDesi

+ FREE Technical Support

+ FREE Support and Maintenance Videos

+ FREE FAQs Online