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Janome MB-7 vs a Commercial Embroidery

You’ll see the new Janome MB-7 embroidery machine compared to more commercial units – or business embroidery machines – quite frequently.

But let’s take a look at what an embroidery machine built for commercial or even home-business use needs to have and where the MB-7 falls short.

What the Janome MB-7 DOESN’T Have

Making Custom Caps with the Janome MB-7

One of the most popular and profitable items in any embroidery business is custom Caps or Hats.

There’s plenty of evidence for this. If you walk through almost any mall in America, you’ll see a “Lids” franchise or a kiosk that’s selling custom caps.

And you probably know someone with a small ball cap collection.  The’ll have more than a few caps with a company logo, favorite beverage, or local sports team emblazoned on the front.

You will also notice that the vast majority of these are “structured” hats are “trucker” hats.

A structured cap is one that has stiff panels in the front, right above the bill. So when you put it down, it retains its shape, and when you wear it, it doesn’t slope back and fit close to your head.

Any commercial embroidery machine comes with the ability to embroider and customize structured caps. It can be a big part of your business!

But it requires a wider embroidery field, and more robust construction than the more consumer-oriented Janome MB-7 can provide.

The Janome CAN embroider onto unstructured or soft caps. That’s because you can flatten them out and treat them like a regular garment. But again, those pale in comparison to the orders placed for structured hats.

A Large Embroidery Field

The largest the Janome MB-7 will embroidery is 9.4” x 7.9”, which is much larger than most other consumer embroidery machines.

But MUCH smaller than a commercial embroidery machine.

For example, the Avance 1501C-2020 15 needle embroidery machine has a 22” x 14” embroidery field.

Why is that important?

Any time you have to say NO to a client or potential customers, it motivates them to find someone who will say YES.

Someone coming to your business to have a large jacket back done is going to be disappointed.  If they have a table runner or blanket and are wanting a design proportional to the size of the item, then they would have to go elsewhere.

It’s also just a missed PROFIT opportunity. Most embroidery businesses charge for work, at least in part, based on how many stitches in the design.

The Janome MB-7 has an available stitch area of 74.26 sq inches.

The Avance 1501C-2020 allows you to create a 308 sq inch design – that’s FOUR TIMES LARGER.

You may be able to chard over $100 for a full jacket back with a commercial embroidery machine vs. the Janome 7 needle.

And don’t forget embroidered Patches

Another situation that a bigger embroidery field can make you money is with custom patches.

You can sew out over 4x the number of small patches at once with a larger embroidery area: 4x the name badges, 4x the military patches, and more.

7 Needle Embroidery Machines vs 15 Needles

There’s a reason that when you walk into a professional embroidery business, you do not see a 6 or 7 needle machine sitting in the corner. It’s always a 15 needle unit.

Here’s why:

You’re going to have jobs to do every day, right? And those will probably be for multiple customers.

Maybe one day you’ll do a school mascot on a uniform and some caps and polos for a local landscaper.

And the school and landscaper will have DIFFERENT colors in their logos.

With any multi-needle, you’re going to want Black thread and White thread to be your first 2 colors. They’re always on the machine. So now, with your Janome 7 needle, you’ve got 5 variable colors left.

Typical logos are 2-4 colors. So with just 5 colors available on your machine at any time, you’re very likely to have to stop and change threads multiple times per day!

Professionals just don’t have the time for that, and neither will you! Especially since with some popular specialty threads like Metallic, you may need to adjust the tension every time you switch.

It is understandable how 7 colors/needles can look like a luxury when you are going from a traditional single need to a multi-needle machine. But it will quickly grow to be a bottleneck in your business day.

All Day Embroidery

No doubt – Janome is a good brand of equipment. They’ve been building fancy home sewing machines for years.

But commercial use is different.

If you’re coming from the home sewing world, even if you’re a dedicated hobbyist, how many hours are you running the machine every day? How many days per week?

Almost certainly, you’re not running the machine 8 hours at a time – or even 3 or 4. And again, almost certainly, it’s not 4-7 days per week.

The components in a commercial embroidery machine are just more robust. They have to be to stand up to the hours of use over the years of operation.

The thing about the differences between a home oven and one in a commercial kitchen; that the commercial oven is constructed so it can be on ALL day, every day, and still operate perfectly. Your home oven might stand up to that kind of use for a little while, but it’s just not made for that.

That’s the difference n commercial vs. home sewing machines.

And it shows up on the machine warranty. The Avance 1501C embroidery machine has major components warranted for 5 years.

The Janome just one.

2 More things to Compare – Janome MB-7 vs Commercial Embroidery Machine

#1: What do the machines come with?

When you’re doing a 12 or 24 piece embroidery job order, you will need 2 of every hoop size because you make money when the machine is running, not when you’re hooping!

Any commercial shop will have the next blank garment hooped and waiting while the first one sews.

Commercial embroidery machines come with 8,10, or even a dozen hoops – 2 in each size.

The Janome MB-7 comes with 4

#2: What is the training and support like?

Your local sewing center will not train you for BUSINESS. 90% of their customers are doing craft projects. So they never had to develop the support and training needed to teach a business operator how to do the work.

Conversely, a machine like the Avance 1501C-2020 comes with online training classes, live training classes, and real PROFESSIONAL technical support. By people that have been in or supported businesses for decades.

If you want a great machine to advance your crafts. One you can break out on the weekends, and do gifts and projects for friends and family, then the Janome MB-7 is a great product.

But if you have a BUSINESS in mind – learn more about 15 needle commercial embroidery machines like this one.

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