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How to Monogram Hats

Advantages of Monogramming

Monogramming has made a big comeback in recent years. Not only showing up in custom hat shops and mall kiosks but in big brand stores too.  This article will give you some background and walk you through the basics of how to monogram hats.

Vera Bradley offers online monogramming for their bags.

Gucci, Burberry, L.L. Beane, and Prada are just a few more. Each will provide custom monograms on their products.

And there are plenty more mainstream sheets and linen stores, clothing retailers, and more.

Not to mention how popular monograms are for the wedding and gift industries!

But out of all the monogramming options, adding lettering to a hat may be the most sought after.   It’s also one of the most profitable if you’re in the business of embroidery.

Whether you have a single needle machine or a lager commercial embroidery machine with multiple needles, these are the steps you’ll need to take to put a monogram on a hat:

1. Hoop the Hat using heavyweight tear-away backing

For monogramming a structured hat like a trucker’s Hat or just using a traditional cap frame for any type, make sure you create a tight, flat-as-possible area to monogram.
Here are a few tips:

2. Load your design

Many monogram fonts come with commercial embroidery software like StitchEra, Embrilliance and Pulse. There are 3 ways to load designs on a multi-needle monogram machine:

3. Trace your design

If you’re using the built-in keyboard lettering like on the Avance 1501C-2020 you’ll want to enter the letters in now. If you don’t have a laser on your machine, you might hold down the presser foot for the appropriate needle and trace it to make sure the design is positioned correctly.

4. Sew out the design using a polyester thread.

Polyester threads will hold up to direct sunlight over long periods of time, so it’s best for most kinds of hat embroidery.

5. Carefully remove tear away backing


Since HOOPING a cap is such an essential step in monogramming one, ColDesi has decided to share this exclusive training video normally reserved for new owners of the Avance 1501C Commercial 15 Needle Embroidery machines.

Hooping an Unstructured Hat for Monogramming – Option

Hooping a hat for monogramming properly is one of the most challenging skills for machine embroidery.

Monogramming on a traditional cap frame involved the Hat moving back and forth on a curve, so any mistakes hooping, or the slightest loose areas are going to cause real issues.

But FLAT cap frames have made monogramming an unstructured cap MUCH easier, and hooping much faster!

Just like any hoop, you’ll still need to do it correctly, but hooping flat should be a much more familiar skill. Just choose the cap frame to fit your embroidery machine.

There are CapFrames available for SWF, Avance, Tajima, Barudan and Avance – see the example:

3D Monogramming for Hats

3D, or Puff Monogramming is a big deal! Very popular and very high value if you’re do embroidery for business purposes.

If you’re small embroidery business and are looking for something to specialize in, doing 3D embroidery or monograms is a great option.

So, how do you do 3D monograms?

3D monograms are created by embroidering on top of specialty 3D foam like this:

Embroidering on top of this foam is what gives your design a 3D effect. And you should use foam that’s the same color as the design you’re sewing just in case any and be spotted through the stitches.

All the steps you took for hooping a cap before are still correct.

You still have to either put your cap on a hat frame or use one of the flat frames for unstructured hats described above.

You’ll still need to use the same backing.

And you want to trace the design as you would normally.

But there are several differences you can’t ignore:

Watch for a demonstration during this webinar recording:

The best news is that for this extra work you can typically command a PREMIUM price. In other words, you’ll make more money selling 3D monogramming on a cap!

Interested in adding monogram caps to your business?

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