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OR $239/month with ZERO Down*

*Above terms based on 2+ years in business and approved credit. Start-up businesses could be approved with a slightly higher payment.

Embroidery and Sublimation Printing Bundle

Avance 1201C
12 Needle Commercial Embroidey Machine
Sawgrass SG500
Sublimation Printer
maximum prints 8.5" x 14"
PatchKit Pro + Heat Press
Make custom made patches with Avancé 1201c, PatchKit Pro and Galaxy/Colman Heat Press

Larger Sawgrass SG1000 shown in video

There is one thing that EVERYONE that starts a new embroidery business – or has had one for any length of time knows.

Everyone asks for custom printed t-shirts too.

Or they ask for custom mugs, or keychains, or baby onesies or some kind of gifts.

Or they just ask you that loaded question: “What else do you do?”

And it hurts to say NO or NOTHING, even for people that are really passionate about embroidery.

Because getting new customers isn’t always easy. Plus, when you are actually in business, and your income is on the line, it’s painful to turn good money away.

Our Growth, and YOURS

When we started ColDesi 20+ years ago all we sold was embroidery machines. Then people started asking us if we could help them print custom t-shirts. Then Bling. Then vinyl. Then UV… then, then, then!

We quickly caught on that people were asking us because they liked doing business with us. Trusted the company and the quality of the product we provided. And because it was the easiest thing for them to do.

It’s easier to buy something from someone or a company you know and trust.

Sound familiar?

Our customers have been growing exactly the same way!

That’s how we know that if you offer only one kind of decoration your good customers will ask you for more.

It’s how we know that it makes more sense to START with being able to offer more than 1 thing. And it’s why we put together this Embroidery + Sublimation Printing Bundle.

What Can You DO with the Summer Special Bundle?

Here are just a few ideas:

What’s Included?

The first part of the bundle is a high-quality, professional embroidery machine, the Avancé 1201C. It’s loaded with standard features and includes accessories!

We’ll list everything that this 12-needle machine comes with below, but the most important things deserve to be singled out:

#1: Training

You get lifetime access to an online video training course created by real embroidery pros – with decades of experience behind them. And there are some real advantages to our video training courses:

  • It’s a constant resource. You can rewatch lessons at ANY TIME. So, if you’re not doing caps yet, or patches or something specific you can re-watch those lessons to get you up to speed.
  • Training employees and partners is ALSO included. If you grow, bring on new team members or temporary help we’ll give THEM access to the same training that got you up and running.
  • You learn on YOUR schedule. This is vital to side-hustlers! Do your training after hours or on the weekends. Whenever you’re available.

#2: Free Technical Support

Especially when you’re starting out, you NEED someone there to help you when you get stuck. Or advise you on something you’re having challenges with. Our embroidery technicians know these machines and your applications and are standing by to help. 

Avancé 1201C Embroidery Machine Package

12 Needle Commercial Embroidery Machine

PatchKit Pro + Heat Press

The patch kit is both a money-maker AND a problem solver.

First, patches are IN! You’ll see embroidered patches everywhere now that you’re aware of them. They’re on uniforms, hats, backpacks, and, of course, motorcycle vests and jackets too.

And it’s hard for people to buy just one patch anywhere, which gives your business a big advantage.

But the Patch Kit is also a PROBLEM SOLVER. Because there are some things it’s just hard to embroider on, or they’re just hard to work with. Could be that they’re too large, awkwardly shaped, or just because you can’t hoop them properly.

When you make a patch, though, you are simply embroidering onto a flat piece of material that can then be heat pressed or sewn on almost anywhere!

It’s faster and easier to make a patch and heat press it to a hat, and it gives it a unique look. You can also put a patch on a backpack or bag much more easily the hooping and doing direct embroidery.

Tons of uses and always in demand, here’s what’s included in the Patch Kit:

Sublimation Printing Kit

 Sawgrass SG500

The Sawgrass name is synonymous with sublimation printing – and that means easily and inexpensively making full-color custom t-shirts and other times… that feel great and will almost last forever.

Vibrant prints on light-colored polyester make this the perfect system for making someone’s next favorite summer shirt, fall hoody, golf or fishing shirt, and more.

Here’s what that includes:

Special Summer Sale Package Add-Ons!

How to Start a Custom T-Shirt Business ONLINE COURSE (Normally $499)

Everyone wants to make great products. Memorable custom embroidery or t-shirt designs that last long and sell well.

And most people spend hours, days, or longer in deep consideration of which equipment to buy and software to use to make that small or start-up business dream come true.

But almost NO time thinking about what comes next or what they’ll need to know to run the business itself. So – we’ve included our Course:

How to Start a Custom T-Shirt Business (Normally $499)

And you get even more, including:

Want to add custom hats to your business bundle? Get the Galaxy Hat Press for just an additional $499

A must-have for sublimating hats/caps. Comes with 3 Platens.

Getting Started

This Summer Bundle of Embroidery, Patches, Custom Tees and the training it takes to use the equipment AND have a successful business was put together with YOU in mind. Crafted to give you the greatest chance of success!

Your next step is simple.
Chat here on the website. Call us (877) 458-0444. Or fill out this contact form and watch for one of our pros to reach out.
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