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Bernina E-16 vs Avance 1501C -2020 | Which Machine is the Better Commercial Embroidery Machine

The Bernina E-16 is basically a rebranding of Melco’s older technology with all the pros and cons typical for a Melco embroidery machine.
But let’s compare the Bernina E-16 with the all new Avancé 1501C-2020 to see which is the better commercial embroidery machine.

A few years ago, Bernina, a well-established and popular consumer sewing machine brand, purchased a company called Melco. Melco has made a sold a unique multi-needle embroidery machine for years.

The Bernina E-16 is basically a rebranding of Melco’s older technology with all the pros and cons typical for a Melco embroidery machine.

But let’s compare the Bernina E-16 with the all-new Avancé 1501C-2020 to see which is the better commercial embroidery machine.

Avancé 1501C 2020 Commercial Embroidery Machine

This Avancé machine is tagged as “2020” for a good reason – Released in January of 2020, the model has been significantly upgraded from the original Avancé 1501C, which is now tagged as the “Classic” version.

The continuous upgrade commitment to the Avancé brand is what makes the 1501C stand out against the older technologies.

Best embroidery machine features included with the new Avancé

Touch screen control panel

ColDesi resisted adding a touch screen to the Avancé lineup for years. The older screens would wear out over time because touchscreens were only rated for only a limited number of “touches. But in 2019 things changed, and the newer more durable touchscreens were added to the new model.

The touch screen makes it much easier to do everything you do every day with a commercial unit.

For example, you can load designs and program your color stops easier, and with color verification.  But it also allows for many more advanced features that you don’t see on a traditional sewing machine / monogramming machine:

The Bernina E-16 does not offer a useful control panel. You’ll have to hook up your computer directly to operate.

Connection Options

Every shop is different. Especially if you are still at the growth stage where space is at a premium.

The Avancé embroidery machine allows you to send designs over in 3 ways:

1. Direct connect through an ethernet cable

2. Save designs on a USB thumb drive and load onto the machine at the control panel

3. WiFi connection from your computer

The networking/ethernet connection is great if your computer is right next to your embroidery machine – and that’s the only option with the Bernina E-16.

But if you are doing your design work on your dining room table and the embroidery machine is in a back office it can be a pain.

With the Avancé you’ll be able to send your design wirelessly OR save to a USB and walk the design over to load. You need to be near the machine to load the garment anyway so one of the last 2 solutions is usually preferred.

The WiFi connection saves you several steps even over the direct connect too. In any case the 1501C offers the options that will work for the way YOUR business works.

Avancé Embroidery Hoops an Accessories

Hoops are an important part of any embroidery business. The team at ColDesi has been in the embroidery business for about 40 years and knows what a new or existing business needs to hit the ground running. And hoops are at the top of the list.

The Avancé machines come with TWO of the most used hoops.

(1) Jacket Back Kit w/Table – 53 x 35 cm (21“ x 14“) includes hoop and table.

(2) Large Tubular Hoops – 30 x 30 cm (12“ x 12“)

(2) Cap Frames & Cap Gauge – 270-degree frames

(8) Round Hoops – (2 each) – 21 cm (8.6“), 15 cm (5.9“), 12 cm (4.7“), 9 cm

Why two of the standard sized hoops? That’s easy – every professional embroiderer with a big job in front of them knows they must maximize the time the embroidery machine is sewing…

So taking a finished garment off the machine and then hooping the next one to load back on and hit start is just a waste of time. That 2nd garment should be hooped and ready, so you take the finished one off and put the hooped one on.

It’s just how professional shops run.

That’s why you get 13 hoops with the Avancé 1501C and the Bernina E-16 comes with about ½ that amount.

Embroidery Field Sizes – Why they Matter

One important but commonly overlooked feature when you’re comparing any embroidery machines is the embroidery field or sewing field size.

The Bernina embroidery machine has a relatively small field for a commercial unit at 350mm x 400mm (less than 14”x16”) where the Avancé sports a 22” X 14” one.

That’s 224 square inches of design are vs 308!

Why does that matter?


Because most embroiderers charge by the stitch. The bigger the sewing area the larger the design you can apply – which means you have the opportunity to make a lot more money on bigger designs.


Because you never want to say NO to a customer if you can avoid it. Because if you say no to one thing and someone else says yes you have likely lost ALL that customer’s business.

Saying yes to a large jacket back job, or to a horse blanket or table runner design means more business overall AND a bigger paycheck in the short run.

Comparing the Bernina E-16 and the Avance 1501C 2020

The Bernina is a good quality embroidery machine. It has unique features and a good reputation.

But there ARE many reasons why the Avancé is a better choice for your business.

Check out this Commercial embroidery machine review article
or just chat with someone here for more on the Avancé.