2 Head Embroidery Machine

Upgrade to the Best 2-Head Computerized Embroidery Machine in the Market

More than Double your Profits with the 2017 Avancé 2-Head Computerized Embroidery Machine

Whether it’s hats, jackets, shirts or polo’s, the new 2-head embroidery machine from ColDesi, Inc. delivers solid performance and profits.  The multihead Avancé 1502 allows you to double the number of custom t shirts you can embroider per hour.  But the possibilities for a speedy return on investment DON’T end there.
At twice the heads, the 1502 embroidery machine can be operated by one operator.
One person cranking out twice the shirts, hats, jackets, or sleeves with surpassing speed and quality.  The lower labor cost per sew-out equals more dollars in your pocket and the end of the month.  Plus, by upgrading to the dual head design, you get work done faster which allows you to reduce labor costs overall.  You gain the extra time needed to work ON your business rather than IN your business!

You can drastically increase the number of shirts per hour you can print while keeping labor costs low.

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Better ROI than a Single Head

Getting a better Return on Investment is the way computerized embroidery shop owners measure and compare an embroidery machine’s success.  Choosing to upgrade to a 1502 dual head embroidery machine increases the rate of return gained for the hard-earned money you’ve invested in your business.  Your business is your future and starting now with a multihead will give you a better ROI.

Two Heads are Better than One

Double your output for less than what other competitors charge for two single head machines.  Twice the output for your computerized embroidery business puts more $$$ in your pocket each month.  Plus, when you finance, you pay less overall.  By purchasing more production ability up front you reach your goals faster and your total sum of payments is less.

Finish your Work Faster than Ever

When you have that 50 Piece order that must be out in a RUSH, what do you do?  If you are the proud owner of the new 1502 Avancé dual-head embroidery machine, you leave earlier than ever before.  Spend that extra time with family or doing whatever else you like.  When Rush orders come, your 1502 machine gets you out the door faster.

Multi-Head Production
It’s Just a Great Idea

Starting with your overall goals in mind makes the difference between you and your competitors. If you plan to be in business for more than 3 years, adding multihead production to your shop is key.  2-head machines get orders done faster, they have a better ROI, and make more money.  Start planning now for the extra growth of your business.

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The Best Multihead Embroidery Stitching Machine at a Lower Cost Overall.

  • Embroidery Area – 22 x 14 (560mm x 360mm)

  • Machine Size – 56“w x 30“d x 63“h

  • Weight – 419 lbs

  • Needles/Colors – 15

  • Control Panel – High Definition Color 7 LCD Touch Screen

  • Power – 110V/60Hz and 200V/50Hz self-adaptable worldwide

  • Suitable for embroidery on flats, caps, finished garments and more.

  • Perfect for established or home businesses

  • Newly developed small sewing arm for high-quality embroidery on caps and small items

  • Heavy-duty steel stand with wheels to ensure both stability and mobility

  • Thread break detection

  • Maximum speed: 1000 SPM

  • Memory capacity: 20 million stitches or 200 designs

  • Automatic thread trimmer

  • Machine reads multiple design formats, such as DST, DSB, and more

  • 270° wide-angle cap system

  • USB input 

  • Automatic color change

  • Pre-sewn design trace capable

  • Servo motor 150w – lowest power consumption in the industry

  • DC36V micro-setup motor for X & Y axis driving to ensure low noise and less vibration

  • Automatic memory retention

  • Easily add appliqué, sequin, boring or cording

  • Built-in button from 172° to 196° under manual color change mode, a great help for machine maintenance

  • Frame offset and frame outlining available for easy appliqué embroidery

  • Multi-angle, rotatable and adjustable control panel bracket allows for better visibility

  • USB Port

  • One-step trace button directly on main screen

  • Optional laser trace device available

  • Emergency stop button

  • Multiple languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Portugese, Turkish, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic and more

  • Wide overhead arm system for easy embroidery on bulky items

2X Business Bundle

Custom embroidery partnered with heat transfer vinyl! Get the Avancé 1502 and CutnPress bundle. Read more to learn about this business package.

3X Business Bundle

Go Pro with embroidery, Heat Transfer Vinyl and Bling! Get the Avancé 1502CutnPress and SpangleElite bundle. Read more to learn about this business package.

Hoops & Frames

4 Large Tublular Hoops – 30 x 30 cm (12 x 12)

4 Cap Frames

1 14″ x 48″ Sash Frame for things like Table Runners, Blankets and more…

Round Hoops  (4 each) – 21 cm (8.6), 15 cm (5.9), 12 cm (4.7), 9 cm (3.5)

2 14″ x 21″ Jacket Back Hoops

The Avancé 2-Head digital embroidery machine is a more cost-effective investment.

When you buy a multihead embroidery machine one of the biggest advantages is your cost per head is much lower than buying 2 single heads. Your ability to buy a 2 head reduces your overall costs and goes straight to your bottom line.  Plus, the typical 1502 package bundle comes with everything you need to operate both heads at full capacity at a HUGE savings per head.
The lower cost of acquisition plus the double output and half the labor cost per shirt all add up to outstanding ROI.
Built-in smart stitch processing. High quality steel components.  A lightning-fast 1,000 stitches per minute. And a high definition 7” LCD display. Full of features that help you stay stress free, and productive, the new 2-head embroidery machine is the perfect partner for any motivated business owner.
With an Avancé you WILL save on every sew-out compared to other 2-head embroidery machines in the market. So, why not boost the money you get back on your investment each month?

Payroll and overhead expenses are hands down THE largest costs most businesses face. The beautifully crafted 2 head Avancé embroidery machine spreads those costs out over multiple heads.  This effectively cuts those costs in half per head when compared to a single head computerized embroidery machine.

Also, when challenging your competitors and bidding out jobs, the lower costs per sew-out of the 1502 Multihead embroidery machine will allow you to beat your competitor’s prices. Your work competes on a higher level and keeps your equipment busy while others wonder why they didn’t get the work.

The Avancé 2-Head digital embroidery machine is loaded with practical benefits for your business.

Every new 1502 comes with threads, needles, backing, hoops, cap frames, and accessories. You can be creative and productive right from the start. Also, you get great service and support, unlimited training, weekly tech talk access, and face to face video conferencing — there’s even a full 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Avancé 2-head embroidery machine delivers everything on a business owner’s wish list.  The clean lines of its bridge styled construction and open spaces.  The rugged durability of its powerful 36V stepper-motors and high quality steel construction with built in noise dampening.  There’s on-the-fly adjustment of speed, stitch tension, density, and trim length to give ultimate control of stitch quality.

Other details include extra hoops to allow you to pre-hoop two garments WHILE the machine is sewing.  We even have a machine that’s great for shoe embroidery.  The machine fits through a standard doorway for easy placement in your shop.  It can separate from the base which turns it into a table-top powerhouse of production.  And if space is a key concern, the Avancé 2-head computerized embroidery machine takes up less space than two single heads.
Lastly, in the face of stiff competition and a changing world, you need a partner that will stand with you and support your business after you purchase.  And as the #1 distributor in the world ColDesi, Inc. goes above and beyond.  They offer support and education in multiple learning styles.  There’s audio podcasts, hundreds of hours of video content and huge numbers of helpful tips.  Also, there’s charts and graphs for daily use, business stories, tech talks, interviews, discount offers, helpful hints, FAQ’s and the list goes on.  At ColDesi, they are permanently on the mission of your success.

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