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Avancé 1504 – 4 Head, 15 Needle Machine

Avancé Multi-head Embroidery Machines

Avancé four and six head multi-head machines (1504 and 1506C) enable you to deliver goods faster and cheaper to your customers. Designed for ease of use and low maintenance, you can increase your capacity without hiring extra staff.

Recent upgrades have made a BIG difference in how you will use these multi-head machines, continuing the Avancé lines top spot in price to features and price to performance in the marketplace.


Larger 8″ LCD Control Panel with 16 bit 800 x 600 pixel resolution
HUGE new memory capacity! Onboard storage of up to 800 designs or 100 Million stitches

Benefits of Multi-Head Embroidery Machines

  • Increase production by 400% or more simply multiply the number of heads by 100%. That’s the percentage of increase in production.
  • Lower Production Cost
  • Increases profit
  • multi head embroidery machinesCompetitive pricing
  • You’ll earn more and attract more business

More time for You

  • To grow your business
  • To run your business
  • To add and operate other equipment
  • To add digitizing services
  • To spend with family and friends

Avance 1504 Four Head Machine

Dimension without the table installed, 119″ w x 35″ d x 70″ h

Avancé 1504 Multi-head Embroidery Machine

The Avancé 1504 four head embroidery machine is the perfect step up from a single head embroidery machine. When production demands are out weighing your time its time to move up to a multi-head machine. 

 Avance 1506C Six Head Machine

Dimension without the table installed, 130″ w x 35″ d x 70″ h

Avancé 1506C Multi-head Embroidery Machine

The Avancé 1506C six head embroidery machine is designed for high production shops. 

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Multi-Head Machine Features

  • Suitable for flat embroidery, cap embroidery and tubular (finished garments) embroidery 
  • Embroidery area –
    Avancé 1504 17.7 x 19.7 inches (450 x 500 mm)
    Avancé 1506C 17.7 x 17.7 inches (450 x 450 mm) 
  • Automatic thread trimmer 
  • Maximum speed 1000 SPM 
  • 270 degree wide cap frame unit 
  • 5″ high definition color LCD display shows real time stitching 
  • USB port ready 
  • Auto color change 
  • Thread break detection 
  • Auto Trace design 
  • Memory size 1 million stitches 
  • Onboard lettering 
  • Electricity: 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz available 

Start Up Accessory Kit

  • 2 sets – 9cm hoops (3.50″) for each head  
  • 2 sets – 12cm hoops (4.70″) for each head 
  • 2 sets – 15cm hoops (5.90″) for each head  
  • 2 sets – 19cm hoops (7.50″) for each head 
  • 2 sets – 30cm x 30cm (11.80″ x 11.80″) jacket back hoops for each head  
  • 1 Border Frame for flat embroidery 
  • 1 x wide angle 270° cap driver for each machine 
  • 1 x snap-in and snap-out cap hooping station for each machine 
  • 2 x cap frames for each head 

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Single or Multi-Head?

For All Your Embroidery Needs
Considering moving up from a single to a multi-head machine? Does it make sense for you to START you business with a 4 or 6 head commercial system?

Watch this Live Recording of our 1 hour webinar: Multihead Embroidery Machine | When a Multihead Makes Sense