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Embroidery and Digitizing Software

Embroidery Software or Embroidery Digitizing Software –
Key to Success

The software you use to create your embroidery designs or digitize those sent to you is almost as important as which embroidery machine you choose.
The embroidery software, whether you want to specialize in monogramming, digitizing, creating custom embroidery designs or mixed media, will often determine how profitable you can be in the embroidery business.

Why does the embroidery software make such a difference in successful embroidery businesses?

Simple. The digitizing or embroidery software you choose, and to a large extent the software training that comes with it, determines how quickly and how effectively you can turn your idea or your customer’s idea, into an embroidered end result. That means that at least part of how long it takes you to complete a job depends on the embroidery software tools you employ – and time is money in the embroidery business!

ColDesi has had a long relationship with the Sierra Technology Group, makers of the Hotfix Era line of rhinestone design and sequin design software, and the famous Stitch-Era line of embroidery software solutions. We’re constantly on the search for the best tools to help our Avancé embroidery machine customers succeed, and Design Era products fit that bill.

The Design Era Family of Products

Design Era Embroidery Software

One of the biggest advantages of Sierra’s Design Era (or D-Era) product line is that you can use the same software to create for all of your apparel decorating devices!

The full Design Era Suite includes Stitch Era Liberty, the best embroidery software on the market today, as well as Hotfix Era for Rhinestones, Hotfix Era for Sequins and Spangles, Vector Era for sign makers and using cutters, and Print Era for color separations and more.

What does this mean to you?

You can create mixed media or multi media designs using your Avancé Embroidery Machine, AND a CAMS Automatic Rhinestone Transfer System, AND the new ProSpangle Spangle Transfer Machine, AND a your plotter/cutter AND more!

Imagine the creativity you can unleash when you combine rhinestones, sequin transfers, embroidery designs, vinyl and more all from ONE application.

Think of the money you’ll save not having to purchase, get trained, supported and ongoing upgrades on one application for each of your output devices.

Look at how easy it is to do business with ColDesi, the EXPERTS in APPAREL DECORATING of all kinds!

The Best Embroidery Machine Software

Stitch Era Liberty Embroidery Software
StitchEra Liberty is the best all around embroidery software on the market today. We can say that with confidence, and always recommend it with our SWF embroidery machines, because of its impressive feature set and low price point.

Just like all of the Design Era family of products, you get a graphic application integrated seamlessly with your embroidery software. That means that you don’t have to spend more on applications like Corel Draw because you can do your Raster and Vector image editing right inside Stitch Era!

It also means that you can manipulate customer logos as graphics files, (scaling, merging, etc.), in addition to having a built in lettering system, object design, stitch types, raster images, vector images, image processing and converting, automatic digitizing, manual digitizing, interactive digitizing, format conversion, component creation, design management, catalog printout, and a host of other features that you’ll fall in love with.

Some of our customer’s favorite Stitch Era features are:
Custom Text Layouts including Arcs, elastic boxes and more
TrueType Font compatibility. That’s right, use regular TrueType fonts already on your computer to make new ones in Stitch Era.
60 Predigitized Fonts, the 60 motifs and 80 programmable stitches that come with it.
Resizing with stitch compensation, meaning you resize your design on the screen and Stitch Era embroidery software will add stitches AUTOMATICALLY.

Buy Sierra Stitch Era Liberty with a new SWF Embroidery Machine for just $799 and you will receive FREE Training and FREE Technical Support from ColDesi!

Already have your machine? You can purchase Sierra Stitch Era Liberty today without training and support from Colman and Company

A Look at Advanced Features
Liberty vs. Universal

There have been BIG changes in version 15 and above! Please check with an Account Manager if you have questions. 

Stitch Era Universal Embroidery Software

Stitch Era Universal (SEU) embroidery software is a very basic version of the Design Era family of Embroidery Software that, up until recently, was offered for free by the company. Sierra now offers a subscription model to SEU that allows you to purchase the use of the software for 6 months or 1 year at a time.

Stitch Era Universal is a good introduction to the interface and basic methods of embroidery software, but doesn’t have the full features of Stitch Era Liberty or Lite with fewer digitized fonts and monograms.

Stitch Era Lite Embroidery Software

Stitch Era Lite from Sierra has the same look, feel and interface as Stitch ERA Liberty, but lacks the manual and interactive digitizing functions that Liberty does so well. If you plan to never do your own digitizing, this may be a reasonable option for you, but if you’re just starting out, you may want to ensure you can respond to all of your customers’ requests and keep digitizing options on the table.

The biggest difference other than digitizing tools, or at least the one you’ll notice the most when switching back and forth between Liberty and Lite, is the lack of resizing with stitch compensation. With Stitch ERA Liberty, when you scale a design the stitch count automatically changes, adding or subtracting stitches based on your size change. Stitch ERA Lite is great embroidery design software, but there is a difference! Other differences include the inability to save a custom text stitch or style, converting stitch blocks to objects, and the advanced print formats.

Advanced Stitch Era Liberty Features