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Optional Hooping DevicesHoopMaster

The Hoopmaster is the best solution in hooping devices for Avancé Embroidery Machines or any other commercial embroidery machine on the market today. The Hoopmaster got its great reputation by providing its customers with the ability to hoop any garment, any size, perfectly every time. This hooping device has an attachment for every embroidery job you can imagine, so just speak with your ColDesi account manager about which combination is right for your embroidery business. Watch this video, then ask your salesperson about adding it to your order!

Extended Pantograph – Sash Frame Option

Mighty Hoop

The Mighty Hoop magnetic hooping system is the ideal way to hoop thick garments and material quickly, efficiently and without pinching the garments.

Do you embroidery on leather goods, Carhardtt products or upholstery and have trouble hooping? Or do you waste time trying to get the hoop JUST Right on especially thin fabrics and materials? Then the Might Hoop is right for you! Shown here working with an SWF machine.

Optional Software

Upgrade your Software to Stitch Era Liberty

The software you use to digitize, edit and create embroidery designs is a big part of your everyday business. The right feature can save you HOURS of editing, and while Stitch Era Universal is a great start there is no question that an upgrade to StitchEra Liberty will make a difference in your productivity and your income.

Stitch Era Liberty is a dongled based commercial embroidery software so there’s no need to connect to the internet to use it. It also includes more synchronized views that present the details of the work under way visually and with a more detailed level. Grouping, branching, sequencing and other advanced functions can be executed simply by dragging elements.

Stitch Era Liberty maximizes stitch control. The Object Inspector includes more adjustments for the precise definition of each section. Also includes new stitch effects like density variation and edge modulation.

Stitch Era Liberty includes the following stitch types:
• Paths with Running Stitch, E Stitch, Elastic Pattern, Elastic Programmable stitches, etc.
• Columns with ZigZag, E Stitch, Elastic Pattern, Elastic Programmable Stitches, etc.
• Areas with Uniform and Creative Patterns, Programmable Stitches, etc.
• Areas with ZigZag, E Stitch, Elastic Pattern, Elastic Programmable Stitches, etc.
• Areas with Appliqué, Textures, Photo Stitches, etc.

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But WAIT There’s More!


The power of doing business with ColDesi isn’t just that we offer the best in embroidery equipment and software, but that we can help you expand your business with multiple apparel decorating technologies. In fact, one of the reasons we chose to offer StitchEra Liberty is because of the potential for expansion.

Joining the Sierra/ColDesi family of products means that you can upgrade to Liberty, and then add Hotfix Era for Stones to create stunning rhinestone designs with your plotter or with our CAMS Automatic Rhinestone Machine.

And then you can add Hotfix Era for Sequins to power our ProSpangle spangle transfer machine too. Imagine creating a design that you can sew out on your embroidery machine, then make a rhinestone or spangle transfer!