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The Avancé 1501C is a compact, commercial embroidery machine that has all the features and reliability you need to get your embroidery business started, or take your existing business to the next level.

This single head machine features 15 needles, an LCD screen and a great set of supplies and accessories to make sure you get up and running on Day 1. But the first thing you’ll notice when you get your new Avancé 1501C is that it’s been tested by running more than 300,000 stitches before it ever leaves the factory! It’s one of the best-tested machines in the industry!

Avancé Embroidery Machine Features

  • Suitable for flat embroidery, cap embroidery and finished garments embroidery
  • 19.7” x 13.8” embroidery field
  • Maximum speed 1,200 SPM
  • 270 degree wide cap frame
  • LCD display showing real time stitching
  • USB port ready or input from PC via Ethernet
  • Automatic color change
  • Automatic thread trimmer
  • Thread break detection
  • Design stitch preview
  • 2 Million stitch or 200 design memory
  • Quiet operation
  • Easily transportable for mobile use
  • Networkable – See the video on the right!
  • 4” color display (LCD)
  • Start, stop and emergency stop
  • Needle selection keys
  • Dot key to return to 100 degrees
  • Multiple languages available
  • Manual color change
  • Manual trimming available
  • Rotate designs

Why Buy Avancé?

The compact nature of the Avancé 1501C makes it perfect for use in a home office or in any corner of a busy screen printing or sign shop.

The fact that it’s an actual commercial industrial embroidery machine means it will work hard for you day in and day out. Avancé’s 15 needles and ability to embroider directly onto caps means you can do more, faster, with less time switching colors and from flats to caps.

AND you know you have a safe investment because of our two year 100% trade up guarantee! Grow your business to a 4 or 6 head professional embroidery machine from ColDesi and get what you paid for your single head machine back in credit!

For more information about Avancé fill out our Contact Us form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, or call 877-793-3278. –

Avance Sewing on Caps The Avance comes standard with the ability to sew on both flats and caps! Take advantage of this growing and lucrative part of the embroidery business with the 1501C.