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Avancé 1501C Single Head Embroidery Machine

Designed just for you: the Start up and Commercial Embroidery Professional

Whether you are just starting a business in commercial embroidery or are a professional with multiple machines, the Avancé  1501C is the best value in today’s marketplace. Not only is the price great for the features included, it also gives you the opportunity to grow your business, unlike any other embroidery equipment for sale today. You can add more machines and take advantage of the ability to send design files over Ethernet, OR trade in within 2 years and get a 100% credit towards a multi head machine.

Great Value

There isn’t a better industrial embroidery machine you can buy in this price range. The Avancé line is built to last, and to work hard all day long, just like you. The Avancé has an embroidery field of up to 19.7 x 13.8 inches and 1200 stitches per minute giving you the ability to embroider garments, large jacket backs and caps. That’s why it’s the best value for start ups!


One of the unique features that makes the Avancé 1501C perfect for a growing commercial shop is the ability to send designs via a network cable. You can start out with a single machine, then add more as you grow. Every time you add a machine you can add it to your system – that feature turns your single head into a dual, then a 4 head, and then the sky’s the limit!

Embroidery Digitizing Software

There are no other embroidery machines in the price range that come with such powerful embroidery software. Sierra’s Stitch Era Universal comes with every machine, and that software powers some of the biggest embroidery shops in the business. In fact, Sierra’s embroidery software is expandable too! You can add the capability to create rhinestone designs, spangle designs and vector artwork as well.

Announcing our Exclusive 2 YEAR – 100% Trade up Guarantee

That’s right, we’re so confident in the Avancé professional embroidery machine, and your success with it, that we’re offering a 24 month, 100% trade in value when you upgrade to the Avancé 1504 OR 1506C.

No one else in the industry will give you full value for your single head machine, not Tajima, not Barudan, not ZSK – the new standard for quality and value is Avancé! Contact us HERE for more information.

Avancé , not just any brand, not just any machine

The Avancé  isn’t just any new embroidery machine. ColDesi, Inc and the ownership’s 40 years of experience in the apparel decorating industry has gone into creating a new product class. They’ve created a product that has the reliability of the most expensive industrial machines on the market and the features that all of their years of experience tell them, but at a cost that makes it easy to get into the custom apparel business.

If you’re considering purchasing a high quality system, SWF, Tajima, Barudan, or any brand, take a look at Avancé first. It’s the best commercial embroidery machine for the dollar, and you get all of ColDesi’s years of experience to back you up. In fact, we’re so confident in your success with Avancé , we’re offering a 2 year 100% trade up guarantee, ask your account manager for details.

What Our Customers Have To Say

Today we did our online training with John Dunbar. I have to say he has the patience of a saint. Knowing he has been through this training more times than he probably remembers, his attitude is great and so helpful to all of us asking questions he has probably heard time and time again. We never felt rushed if we were having a problem and you could tell he wanted us to get this. He also helped my daughter with an issue she was having with the software. You can tell he likes what he does. After today we know we can get started with confidence. I don’t know if John checks out this page but I just want him to know we really appreciated the training today. Everyone we have contact with a ColDesi have been the best. Ona that means you too. ColDesi, You Rock !!!!!!!! if you are looking to buy I recommend you check ColDesi out. Ask for Ona. BTW, Ona, you were right, I will be OK.

Virginia Johnson Bullock

I just wanted to take a min. to say,”Thank You.” I know it took us a while to make up our minds but we really believe we made the best choice. Carcine is running full speed right now and he’s so in love with the digitizing program. He really didn’t think it would be this easy to get up and running and every time he call or emails Sean, he always get the right answer to his question. He’s pushing to become a 4 head business by this time next year so he can get the 100% trade-in. You and the staff at ColDesi have been a Dream to work with. You guys really made us feel like family and we look forward to a very long relationship with your company. Again, thanks for everything.

Sheila Jacobs and Carcine Meadows 
Embroidery By SheilaJ